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The Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel

Chromium and nickel are the two elements that make stainless steels corrosion resistant. They are added to the steel at the molten metal stage and not later as a plating, coating, or cover-up process. The proportions added are related to the degree of corrosion-resistance, strength, ductility, and heat resistance required. Chromium, enhanced by nickel, gives stainless steels their basic non-rusting qualities.

Other metals, or their coatings, when exposed to the elements, oxidize and pit, bubble, peel, chalk, change colour, or just plain rust.

Stainless steels also oxidize, but, instead of common rust, a thin, dense, bright chrome oxide film forms on the surface as an armour against corrosive attack. If this film is removed, it reforms immediately through oxidation. This built-in corrosion resistance makes stainless steel…stainless all the way through.

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