Armour Alloys

3003 Aluminum

3003 is the most widely used aluminum products in the world. Essentially, it is pure aluminum mixed with manganese to increase it's strength. It's corrosion resistance allows it to be used for many applications such as exterior siding on buildings, and signs.


Chemical Composition

Element Type 3003
Copper 0.20 Max
Silicon 0.60 Max
Iron 0.70 Max
Manganese 1.0-1.5
Zinc 0.10 Max


Mechanical Properties


Temper Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation
3003-O 16,000 6,000 30
3003-H12 19,000 18,000 10
3003-H14 22,000 21,000 8
3003-H16 26,000 25,000 5
3003-H18 29,000 27,000 4


Armour Alloys
Sheet, Plate, Coil
Cooking utensils, kitchen equipment, decorative trim, awnings, siding, storage tanks, chemical equipment, etc.
Excellent corrosion resistance in a non-industrial atmosphere and good resistance in industrial and marine / sea- water applications.
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