Armour Alloys

430 Stainless Steel

430 Stainless Steel is a low carbon ferritic stainless steel which approaches the corrosion resistance to 304 Stainless. It also contains great formability characteristics and does not work harden. Common uses for this material include automotive trim, appliance components, and exposed construction products. 


Chemical Composition

Element Type 430
Carbon 0.12 Max
Manganese 1.0 Max
Sulfur 0.030 Max
Phosphorus 0.040 Max
Silicon 1.0 Max
Chromium 16.0-18.0
Nickel 0.75 Max


Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation (2") Rockwell Hardness
75,000 50,000 25% 85


Armour Alloys
Sheet, Plate, Coil
Automotive trim, lashing wire, element supports, stove trim rings and fasteners are typical uses.
Good resistance to wide variety of corrosive media including nitric acid and some organic acids. It attains its maximum corrosion resistance in the highly polished or buffed condition.
Good resistance to scaling in intermittent service tol 600°F and in continuous service to 1500°F. 430 grades may become brittle at room temperature after prolonged heating in the 750°F – 1100°F range. This can be eliminated by annealing.
Annealing – Heat to 1500°F – 1550°F, hold for 30 minutes per inch of thickness, slow furnace cool to 1100°F then quickly air cool. 430 grades cannot be hardened by thermal treatment.
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