Armour Alloys

5083 Aluminum

5083 aluminum has a higher strength and thermal conductivity when compared with 5052. It has the ability to be hardened by cold work, and is very suitable for welding applications. It is also made to withstand extremely low temperatures without losing it's properties. Common uses for 5083 aluminum include dump bodies, ship building, and pressure vessels.


Chemical Composition

Element Type 5083
Chromium 0.05-0.25 Max
Copper 0.10 Max
Iron 0.40 Max
Magnesium 4.0-4.9
Manganese 0.40-1.0
Silicon 0.40 Max
Titanium 0.15 Max
Zinc 0.25 Max


Mechanical Properties


Temper Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation
5083-O 270-345 115-200 16
5083-H32 305-385 215 Min 12
5083-H116 305-385 215 Min 10-12


Armour Alloys
Sheet, Plate, Coil
Ship construction Pressure vessels Storage tanks Welded structures (high strength) Armor plate Drilling rigs, Utility trailers, Dump Bodies.
Excellent resistance to general corrosion.
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