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Cost-Effective Steel & Aluminum Processing Services


A production cycle that starts with readymade products will save you time, labor, and scrap costs. For an added competitive edge, Armour Alloys offers just-in-time delivery on slit, pre-polished, cut-to-length, blanked, PVC-coated stainless steel and aluminum products. All of our processing jobs undergo rigorous pretreatment, application, and quality control to get you the best possible results every time.


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Processing Services


Coil Slitting

Slitted stainless steel and aluminum coils with widths as narrow as 0.5’’ and thickness from 1/4’’ to 0.010.



Stainless steel sheets cut-to-spec to save you processing time.



Stainless steel and aluminum cut-to-length to meet your requirements.


Mill Finish

The most economical of all stainless surfaces, usually used in production applications in the as-supplied condition. After fabrication, mill finished stainless steel can be buffered or polished to restore its bright surface finish or to create a distinctive appearance.


Patterned Finish

Designed to hide scratches and scuffs caused by fabrication, installation, or surface wear. The pattern also reduces reflectivity and can hide oil-canning effects. No surface finishing is required after fabrication with this finish.


Surface Finish

After cold rolling, stainless steel and aluminum sheets can be milled and polished to produce either a brushed or mirror-like finish. A polished grain line follows a single direction, which means it can be restored by machine polishing or by hand polishing after forming and welding. We can also polish tube or bar as per your requirements.


  • #4 finish: Brushed, satin-like grain lines running in one direction (can be restored by hand or machine polishing after forming and welding)
  • #8 finish: Reflective finish both directional & non-directional
  • BA: Mirror-like sheets free of grain lines


PVC Coating

Cost-effective protective film applied to prevent scratching during production. Also allows polished material to be laser cut.