Stainless and Aluminum Processing Capabilities

We realize that some Stainless steel and aluminum needs to be processed in various ways in order to be utilized in various manufacturing processes. At Armour Alloys, we supply your stainless and aluminum, as well as process the material on site and with the help of our partners across North America. Whether you need your material polished, cut to length, blanked, slit, or PVC’d, Armour Alloys is here to help.


Stainless Finishes

Armour Alloys can supply flat rolled stainless steel in grades, sizes and finishes to meet a wide range of application requirements.

Mill Finish

Mill finishes are the most economical of all stainless surfaces and are available in widths up to 60″. They are frequently employed in production applications in the as-supplied condition. These surfaces can also be polished or buffed after fabrication to restore the bright surface finish or create a distinctive product appearance.

Polished Finish

Polished finishes are produced by grinding and polishing after the final cold rolling operation. Since polished grain lines follow one direction, the finish can be restored by hand or machine polishing after forming and welding.

Patterned Finish

Patterned mill finishes are designed to obscure scratch and scruff marks caused in fabrication, installation or by service wear. Patterning also reduces reflectivity and helps to obscure oil-canning effect. These finishes are employed as-supplied with no surface finishing required after fabricating.

stainless and aluminum processing

Our processing capabilities include slitting, cut to length, polishing, laser/plasma/waterjet cutting‎, PVC coating and more!

Coil Slitting

Widths as narrow as 0.5”
Thickness: 3/16” to 0.010

Cut To Length

Up to 60″ wide
Thickness: 3/8” to 0.018
We cut to length sheet, bar, and tube to your required lengths.


#4 , #8 , Mirror
We also polish tube and bar as per your requirements.