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Stainless Steel & Aluminum Products That Meet Your Requirements

Armour Alloys has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for the distribution and processing of stainless steel, nickel, aluminum, and specialty alloy products. This commitment to quality management ensures that each product you receive meets your requirements as efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively as possible.

A trusted supplier to North America’s Automotive industry, we understand that quality control isn’t only important to you, but to your customers as well. Maintaining ISO:9001:2015 certification is one way Armour Alloys strives to deliver exceptional products and services that meet your requirements.

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Choose an ISO:9001:2015 Certified Metal Distributor

As a leading distributor since 1992, we understand that quality control is paramount to your success and satisfaction as a customer.

Our ISO:9001:2015 certification ensures that:

  • The quality that we deliver is the result of internationally recognized standards and practices, along with our 25+ years’ experience.

  • We deliver just-in-time, every time, thanks to proven processes that enable us to calculate lead times and coordinate the production process smoothly and efficiently.

  • By reducing waste and improving efficiency, we are able to pass on unbeatable pricing and value to our customers.

  • You receive stainless steel and aluminum products of consistently high quality, with quality management processes in place to identify and resolve any quality issues before they reach you.