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4 Popular Uses Of Aluminum

Large aluminum cylinders


During World War II, aluminum played an important role in the development of aviation technology. Nearly a decade after the war, aluminum was highly procured by construction plants and mechanical engineers. Today, aluminum is among the most popular non-ferrous metals available.

Millions of companies rely on the distribution of aluminum for a variety of purposes and it’s safe to say that it will remain an important resource for decades to come. So what are the most popular uses of aluminum in the world today? Read more to find out!


Travel and Transportation

Aluminum is a durable resource that is also light, making it a rarity in the steel and metal industry. The automobile industry still relies on steel to compose their vehicles, but there is a noticeable shift occurring. Companies that manufacture mass-transportation vehicles like high-speed rail systems and airplanes/jets are now using aluminum to reduce vehicular weight. Decreasing the weight of a vehicle by using aluminum instead of steel improves fuel efficiency, vehicle velocity, and reduces carbon emissions.


Electrical Lines

Copper conducts electricity better than any resource, however, it is very heavy which limits its potential for use on electrical lines. Therefore, electrical engineers use aluminum for power lines and other important electrical components like antennas and satellite receivers. Aluminum is also a much more malleable and pliable material than copper which allows electrical engineers to transform it into a wire more easily. Aluminum boasts corrosion-resistant properties that protect electrical lines from intense rainstorms, snowstorms, and hail.


Doors and Windows

The insulation properties of aluminum make it a valuable commodity for homes, specifically the installation of aluminum windows and doors. These products improve household energy efficiency, and due to their durable qualities, homeowners do not need to perform heavy-duty maintenance on their windows and doors. Once again, since aluminum boasts corrosion-resistant features, it is ideal for homes and businesses in humid and torrential regions.


Cell Phones & Tablets

Today, cell phones and tablets are virtually weightless. Thanks to aluminum, these lightweight, complex devices boast a sleek physical appearance. Aluminum is essentially the ideal resource for electronic manufacturers because it’s more visually appealing and durable than plastic and weighs significantly less than steel.



The aforementioned article describes only a few ways in which aluminum is utilized in modern-day society. The truth is, global industries and corporations are starting to realize the potential for aluminum which is driving its demand skyward. Aluminum provides so much more to the world than aluminum foil and pop cans, it is transforming the way we live and the way we interact with other people. For more information, feel free to contact Armour Alloys. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


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