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Laser Cutting

In the manufacturing industry, laser cutting is one of the many value added process for stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel.


Laser Cutting


Laser cutting allows manufacturers to cut intricate shapes with incredibly high accuracy and quality. Laser cutting works by focusing a laser beam on the material, initially piercing through it before continuing the cut in the desired direction.


Throughout the whole process, no machine parts actually touch the material. The material is cut using the intensity of the laser beam to melt through it. Depending on the material and cut, you can use a pulsed laser, which delivers the beam in short bursts, or a continuous beam which is constant. The operator is also able to control the intensity of the beam as well as the length, and heat output depending on what material is being cut.


Why use laser cutting?

  • Minimal risk of damaged material as no machine parts actually touch the material.
  • A much safer operation than traditional cutting methods.
  • Reduction of material waste and quicker process.
  • Intricate design execution due to the accuracy of the laser.
  • Machine parts will not wear down during a job.


At Armour Alloys, we offer material with many different value added processes including laser cutting of stainless steel and aluminum. Call us today with any inquiries regarding your laser cutting requirements.


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